Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Don’t let a crisis become a catastrophe. Preparing for a crisis is generally the last thing on everyone’s list until something happens and then valuable time is lost scrambling to form a response.

Even a simple ‘adverse event’ can have a negative impact on your company reputation and the safety of your employees and business, as well as leaving you vulnerable to litigation.

We advise a Preparedness Audit where we assess and stress test your company’s readiness for a crisis, and then create a toolkit for most possible eventualities, so if there’s an emergency, you can concentrate on what’s important. Pre-approved holding statements, press update templates, ‘chain of action’ reporting lines, and ‘fire drills’ are part of the package but we tailor every toolkit to suit your specific business needs.

And should the worst happen, we can help deal with crises in real time, coordinating and directing the response and liaising with stakeholders.

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