Social Media

Social Media

Social media isn’t rocket science, but it can be overwhelming. From Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linekdin and TikTok to name just the most obvious ones, social media campaigns can be as specific or as expansive as you wish but choosing the right platforms to suit your target market is key – that’s where we step in.

To start with, we conduct an audit of your brand, product or service to assess if it’s primarily image or story driven, what age is the target audience, where are they based, and when are they online. Either way, whether it’s a paid promotion or organic, authentic, engaging content is key.

Today’s consumer is media savvy and bombarded with imagery and noise, so we generate content to cut through the clutter – bear in mind that no one wants to see your ad or post, you need to give the viewer a reason – but we are expert storytellers, and work hard to achieve ‘scroll-stopping’ traction and click through to buy.

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